Markings of a Butterfly

Markings of a Butterfly is a fictionalized autobiography about the journey I took to heal myself completely from lupus and dialysis by using Naturopathic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and mindfulness meditation.

It is written for the patient who is ready to discover his or her own paths to wellness. The Markings are there—everywhere—if one knows where to look. It is written for friends & family who are interested in learning what life is like living with a chronic illness. The mask of illness looks different on everyone, and like all masks, everyone yearns to be seen from within. It is written for doctors treating patients with chronic illnesses—especially those who are convinced there must be a different approach to medicine.

Markings of a Butterfly will be available in June 2016 as ebook and in October 2017 as paperback.

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"Reading as editor and friend/patient for many years, I knew the generosity required to share something so intimate." - Richard A Solomon

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Ebook and paperback books are available from for $14.95 (ebook) and $24.95 (paperback). 100% of ebook sales will be donated to Dr Deborah Frances, ND (aka Dancing Crow).