"As one person, I cannot change the world, but I can change the world for one person." - Paul Shane Spear

Dr Thi will be accepting insurance starting June 2019! 

  • In Network Provider
    • Regence = ND, PT, LAC
    • Premera = ND, PT, LAC
    • Lifewise = ND, PT, LAC
    • Cigna = ND, PT, LAC
    • First Choice = ND, PT
    • Aetna = LAC
  • Out of Network Provider
    • United Health Care = ND, PT, LAC


Time Of Service Fees (not using insurance)

  • First Visits
    • Basic FOC (1 discipline in ND, PT, or ACU) — $200
    • Comprehensive FOC (2+ disciplines or complex cases) — $300
  • Return Visits
    • ACU —$80
    • PT — $120
    • ND — $150
    • Integrated Wellness — $200
  • Wellness Packages — no expiration dates
    • Acupuncture — $700 for 10 sessions
    • Physical Therapy — $1000 for 10 sessions
    • ACU + PT — $1200 for 10 sessions
    • ACU Wellness (community acupuncture) — $250 for 10 sessions
    • Integration — $1500 for 10 sessions
  • Special Services
    • Energy Medicine — $100
    • Counseling — $150
    • Hypnotherapy — $200 (90-min)
    • The Naturopathic Way — $1500, $2500, $5000


Why Butterfly Medicine?

Fact: caterpillars completely digest themselves while in their cocoons prior to their magical transformation into butterflies. From the perspective of the caterpillars, this must be a scary moment, for it's not certain that they will survive the journey, yet they must surrender to the process if they are to become what they are meant to be.

Personally, the decade with the lupus was my cocoon years, and though there were no physical enzymes that broke up my body and made me anew, there were spiritual teachings that completely reoriented my perspectives and rearranged my priorities. I emerged from that decade truly transformed. Since then I've felt completely congruent to my soul's purpose.

Butterfly Medicine is a healing journey within, into whatever inferno that could have destroyed us, allowing the sacred fire to heal us.

List of Services Offered

As the only ND + PT + LAC + herbalist + Reiki Master in the world, I have many tools in my medicine bag. I love problem solving, so I thrive on complex cases. Because my fundamental philosophy is Bruce Lee's mantra Have no way as way, have no limitation as limitation, I frequently offer healing solutions where other practitioners yield.

The Naturopathic Way : Journey into Wellness

Health is our natural state, and once I realized how easily my body healed once I gave it the supports it needs, I had to return to school to become a doctor in order to become a better guide. I'm offering this coaching + mentoring program specifically tailored to your personal health needs. I will guide you step by step through whatever health challenge you are facing, and together we will witness your miraculous transformation!


Dr Thi will be @ Seattle Office Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays and @ Kirkland Office Tuesdays. Seattle Office Thursdays + weekend appointments are made on an individual basis, depending on availability.

Privacy Notice

Please review and/or print a copy of the Privacy Notice prior to your first appointment.