Personal Story

Corticosteroids cause muscle wasting, and after many years of continuous corticosteroid treatments—several times at 1g per day for 3 days—my muscles felt tattered and weak. I would exercise but never gained any benefit from it. My body became like an empty husk.

I had several homeopathic intakes prior to arriving at the similibum. Initially, I didn’t feel any difference after taking the similibum, but two weeks later, I had an urge to jog in the woods. The first week, it took me 45 minutes to jog 30 minutes, walking the rest of the way. The second week, 35 minutes, and the third week I was able to jog the entire time, feeling strong afterwards.

A few weeks later, I had an urge to do push-ups, not on my knees but on my toes, military style. I had never been able to do a full push-up prior to being ill, yet every week, I kept on improving until I was able to do 25 push ups with ease. I returned to the gym and started weight training, using 20# dumbbells for biceps, 15# for triceps, and 80# for lats. Prior to the lupus diagnosis, I had used 10-15# for biceps, 5-8# for triceps, and 40-60# for lats.

Unfortunately, I interfered my own case by repeating the remedy too soon. Perhaps in time when the Vis rights itself that this remedy will act again, but it has taught me great lessons in respecting the actions of the Vis and not allowing my own impatience to become an obstacle to cure.