Initial Visit

The initial intake generally takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours. In this session, discovery questions are used to understand who you are, from childhood to present time, and how you react and respond to the world when there are stressors or conflicts in your environment. By understanding how your “fever” expresses itself, a homeopathic remedy is recommended. Constitutional remedies are usually taken once and repeated only when symptoms return.


Return Visits

Return visits are between 30 minutes to 60 minutes in length, depending on the complexity of the case. Return visits allow the physician to determine whether the remedy is the best fit for you. By listening to changes in the symptoms, you may be asked to wait and continue to observe the healing processes of your body, or you may be given a different remedy that better match your symptom presentation.


How to Take Homeopathic Remedy

Once a remedy has been selected, you may be given the remedy in office or you may be asked to purchase this remedy through Hahnemann Laboratories. Acute remedies are often repeated once daily or multiple times daily while constitutional remedies are dosed only once.

Take the remedy 30min away from food and drinks (water is OK), and monitor your symptoms in order to determine whether the remedy is the similibum.


Things to Avoid While Taking Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic remedies are energetic medicines. As such, other substances that emit a strong energetic field may interfere, though not always. As a general precaution, it is recommended to avoid coffee and caffeine-containing products, camphor and camphor-containing products, electric blankets while being treated with homeopathy medicine. If you are on prescription medications, use drugs, or have surgeries, your remedy may need to be dosed more frequently.


Proper Storage of Remedies

Please keep homeopathic remedies away from sunlight, strong aromatics, and electrical appliances. Try to avoid touching the remedy directly when dosing yourself or others. If remedies fall out onto the floor, discard and do not place back into bottles.

Homeopathic remedies do not expire when kept properly, despite what is required by FDA labeling laws.